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Good Work Life offers a comprehensive suite of services, including executive and leadership coaching, advisory, and development, all geared towards cultivating a culture of inclusion. Nic specialises in creating high-performing, collaborative teams, recognising this as one of the greatest challenges facing companies today. Through our tailored approach, these solutions empower organisations to not only navigate but excel in today's dynamic business landscape.

Life coaching

Executive Coaching and Advisory 

An impactful, long-term and intelligent approach to company culture requires both bottom-up and top-down focus that meets in the middle and drives a sustainable plan.

At leadership level, rounded knowledge of cultural issues is needed. On the ever-so-slightly softer side, leadership teams need a high level of cultural fluency and confidence to discuss matters relating to the subject.

On the harder side, even though the ESG agenda is high on organizational priorities, a common executive oversight is rigor required behind the ”social” and “governance” elements of the acronym in order to make the cultural strategy endurable. People policies, activities, engagement and monitoring require a sophisticated level of assurance from a board if they are to be approached in a sincere and sustainable manner.

An impactful leadership engagement session will tackle all these factors, helping to move their mental dials on key elements of this complicated subject and leave with a higher level of confidence, competence and sense of purpose.


Development Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the natural evolution from the now well-established notions of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Good leaders need all three if they are to lead effectively.

Cultural intelligence (CQ) is the capability to lead, influence and work across different cultures. Intercultural working is fundamental to any modern-day business. If you then layer on the cultural diversity of your employees and the consumer nature of your business, cultural intelligence becomes an absolute necessity.


Leadership, management, communication and teamwork do not necessarily mean the same thing to people from different countries and cultures. An organisation filled with individuals with high CQ will navigate all these situations well.


Mutual understanding and cultural awareness will help employees to respect each other and to meet goals such as winning new clients, successfully negotiating a deal, giving impactful presentations and developing strategic partnerships.

Lightbulb being held by a person's hands

High performing teams 

Through Good Work Life, Nic offers a suite of interventions that ensure that leaders and key stakeholders are better positioned to champion a positive company culture, deploy the resources required to achieve inclusivity, and tackle any blockers and barriers that might hinder the organisation's ability to realise the benefits of diverse teams. 

Every intervention is unique to your business and your industry using tools, techniques and a personable style that helps to inspire people into action rather than repelling them away from involvement in the agenda.

From the most progressive executive search firms to the most innovative learning methods, Good Work Life will bring you the market leading solution. 

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