The Good Work Life approach

The core of inclusion is the need for people, teams and businesses to know how inclusively they interact and communicate with people different than themselves.  Having this consciousness is to have Cultural intelligence (CQ); the ability for people, organisations, and businesses to relate to culturally diverse situations and work effectively in them.


A high level of CQ will help people working with diverse teams, those working across functional departments or companies, and people who work across international boundaries.  The biggest challenges lie in miscommunication, misunderstanding, personality conflicts, poor leadership and bad teamwork.

A high CQ helps you to face into these challenges and be more inclusive. 


Good Work Life helps organisations and individuals to increase their Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and make ethical decisions. 


This is done using tried, tested and trusted methods of analysis and engagement. 

We dedicate time to getting to know your organisation to ensure the solutions will recommend will enhance your work life. 

You can read more about CQ from the Cultural Intelligence Centre:



Understand whether your working world is doing good or could be better

  • Executive coaching

  • Business case rationalisation

  • Data disclosure campaign design 


Determine the root causes of your culture, your practices and the enjoyability of your work place.

  • Cultural intelligence (CQ) training

  • Bias and ally training

  • Subject Matter Expert upskilling

  • Inclusive leadership development

  • Cultural health checks

  • Data analysis and insight production

  • Data disclosure campaign design 


Design and initiation of activities that will make a  positive and sustainable difference to your workplace

  • 3-year inclusion and culture strategy

  • Talent attraction strategy 

  • External partnership strategy 

  • Inclusive product and service strategy 


Culture and ethics are require constant investment. We help you to enhance your work life, how to stay ahead of others or, even better, bring them on this journey with you.

  • Cultural business partnering 

  • Culture metrics and monitoring

  • KPI design 

  • Reporting dashboard creation

  • Mentor programme design | +44 7799 404587

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