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IT Consulting

Making workplaces
equitable, inclusive and culturally intelligent

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About Nic

I set up Good Work Life in 2020 after recognising the need to give confidence and tools to leaders develop their cultural intelligence (CQ) and address inclusivity in the businesses they lead.   


I build culture into the governance of organisations, ensuring that the leadership of culture is actionable, impactful and sustainable. ​I'm have a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication for Businesses and am specialist in Cultural Intelligence (CQ). I have studied Business Sustainability through Oxford Business School, I'm an ICF accredited coach and I hold a qualification from Duke University in Business Ethics.​


Prior to being an independent consultant, I was the first Head of Diversity and Inclusion for the John Lewis Partnership following a career as an operational retailer leading Waitrose branches.​​

Business Meeting

How I help 

Board and Executive ESG Consultancy 

Expert guidance, training and governance reporting for culture and inclusion

  • Executive engagement sessions

  • 1-1 executive coaching 

  • Governance reporting (ESG) 

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) development

Discover how driven and knowledgable you are when it comes working cross-culturally.  Learn how your values impact your biases

End-to-end inclusion

Culture, diversity and inclusion reviews of key processes


Recruitment process reviews

Retention strategies 

Diversity data and analytics 

Inclusive customer experience 

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What is Cultural Intelligence (CQ)?

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the natural evolution from the now well-established notions of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Good leaders need all three if they are to lead effectively.

Organisations need leaders who don’t just shy away from difference but gravitate towards it.

They need leaders who don’t see diversity as threatening; they see it as exciting and enriching.

Leaders who don't see culture as a "fluffy" conversation but see it as a strategic imperative for their company. 

Leaders need to be able to analyse and nurture the culture of their organisation to achieve business success. Leaders who can do this are leaders with Cultural Intelligence (CQ).​​

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