The Good Work Life Way

Good Work Life helps you to achieve exactly that. The aim is to make working lives more enjoyable, more equitable and more inclusive.


A Good Work Life is one where we make every effort to do good and be good beyond what we are simply required to do. It is a continual attempt to figure out

what is the right way and the wrong way to live at work. 

Good Work Life is a collective of morally-minded people who partner with you to: 

  • increase the inclusivity and diversity of organisations

  • help you to make ethical decisions 

  • enhance the wellbeing of the people in your workplace


This is achieved by assessing the culture and using our advisory services. We offer executive coaching to explore these matters and create strategies for your business that are sustainable and make an impact. Good Work Life helps you to inspire cultural change and create a working environment that everyone can enjoy. 

Every piece of work done with Good Work Life is unique to you. Time will be dedicated to getting to know your organisation to ensure appropriate solutions that will enhance your work life. 


The aim is to make a distinct impact with each business partnership, ensuring that you and your people are set up for success beyond the support of Good Work Life.

About the founder, Nic

Nic started Good Work Life in the midst of the upsetting events of 2020.


COVID-19, Black Lives Matter and the responses to these issues had shown some of the best of the world but sadly, also the worst.

Good Work Life was created to help companies and the people within them to use this opportunity to do more good than they have before as the world starts back up following these crises and long into the future. 


To make our working lives more enjoyable, more equitable and more inclusive. 


Nic was lucky to start her career in the John Lewis Partnership, where the importance of fairness, transparency and knowledge was deeply rooted in the business. Having been a Branch Manager of Waitrose stores, she moved into the specialist in the field of Employee Engagement and subsequently became the Partnership's first dedicated Head of Diversity and Inclusion. 


Nic had a short spell in the city at Eversheds Sutherland LLP before following her heart and joining Green Park's Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy and became the Director of their practice. 


Nic's clients have included Tesco Group, Sage, McDonald's, Marks and Spencer, Carnival UK (P&O and Cunard Cruises), B&Q and The Legal Education Foundation. 


Nic has a Master's degree in Intercultural Communication for Business and is a specialist in Cultural Intelligence (CQ). | +44 7799 404587

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