Your customers shop by their values

I am working with a large international retailer at the moment, which means it was time to resurrect the 2019 report from Accenture about how Inclusion and Diversity drive shopper habits. The report is great evidence base for anyone working with or within companies and facing into the challenge of articulating why D&I is such an important topic.

Shoppers are not just turning away from retailers that do not share their values, they are turning toward those that do.

The full report is in the link, filled with helpful statistics and recommended actions.

What I love the most about working on D&I within retail is that the commercial impact has more of a direct link than in a Business to Business (B2B) transaction; you know who your customers are and see what your customers buy. Equally, you can design your products specifically to match their needs. But just because the link is more overt does not mean the fix is quick.

The approach must be holistic, not half-hearted. It must be sustained, not short-lived. To move the needle, lead with inclusion first—inclusive behaviors seed a more diverse culture. Because the reality is that hiring for diversity alone does not drive meaningful change if all employees do not exhibit inclusive behavior.
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