Focus on intentions, rather than perfection

It is perhaps unsurprising that organisations become overwhelmed and, often, inactive when it comes to tackling matters such as disability inclusion. Many businesses have a perfection culture when it comes to their work and I am certainly not knocking that. But if you wait to have perfect when it comes to creating organisational reform for your disabled employees and customers you simply won't ever get there.

The Business Disability Forum are fantastic advisors on this topic and their CEO, Diane Lightfoot, lays out the common issues within this article.

There are so many forms of disability and ways in which disabilities manifest. This makes disability a great example of what not to expect with diversity, inclusion and ethics - don't wait to be taught how to do it - be curious and start to teach yourself.

What can you do? Well there is plenty. But a few tips I have are to:

  • Work collaboratively across your whole business, not just HR.

  • Listen intently to what your people are telling you.

  • Start small with some initiatives that mean the most to your people.

  • And be kind to yourself, the business and those who need your support.

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